Structuring a Response

  • Your response needs to have something unique about it – not just ‘this is a distinctive voice’
  • You also need to show a genuine appreciation in your response – don’t just analyse for its own sake! This makes for a very formulaic answer and it will not stand out.
  • Write with passion and a personal understanding of how language is a powerful tool in a creating a voice – especially in the speech you are discussing.
  • Link context of the speaker only in discussing the ethos surrounding them, or their credibility. This helps put it in context, not just a separate inclusion of the speaker’s background.
  • Try to write with flair and sophistication
  • Key words when discussing Rhetoric: Kairos, Ethos, Logos, Pathos (weave these into your discussion as opposed to just mentioning them). This is discussed in relation to speech.
  • You don’t need to mention ‘the art of rhetoric’ when discussing your related material if it is a text rather than a speech. You will discuss how the voice is created through the language techniques.

A scaffold to help you get started:



Begin by figuring out different ways of saying ‘distinctive voice’ to avoid repeating this in your response:

  • Characteristic
  • Distinguishing
  • Extraordinary
  • Recognisable
  • Resonates
  • Outstanding
  • Inherent

Or a different way of phrasing:

  • “forged out of the language and spirit of democracy”
  • The authorial nature of the voice evokes the ethos of the speaker
  • Voice epitomised the suffering of many …
  • Voice epitomised the beliefs of thousands of African Americans
  • Voice is distinctive in its emotional connection – passion/frustration/grief …
  • Voice resonates as a a course/force for unity
  • Voiced the common belief of hope shared by his audience
  • Voice creates an inextricable connection with his audience on an emotional level
  • Distinctive as it represents the heart of all individuals/believers dreaming for a fairer future
  • The strength/passion behind his words demands moral action
  • Voice is a brilliant amalgamation of soaring rhetoric
  • It becomes memorable because we experience the reality of the situation (simulacrum)
  • Unique ability to challenge the audience/inspire the audience
  • Voice presents a significant challenge
  • Voice is memorable because of its musicality
  • Voice incites an intense emotional response

Find some good quotes on the ‘art of rhetoric’:

These can help you formulate good thesis points, read as many as you can to pick up vocabulary or ways of discussing rhetoric and its power in creating a distinctive voice. Also use them to reference in your response.


  • Organise your thesis
  • Come up with a thesis that will cover the rubric requirements and provide a general overview of the topic: Distinctive Voices


Write an introduction for Distinctive Voices, include your definition of the Module, and your thesis ideas.


  • Try to be unique in your analysis so you answer stands out.
  • Follow the in-depth analysis structure to ensure you cover the speech in relation to the topic
  • Always have a concluding sentence that links back to the question/rubric


  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you write with a genuine appreciation for voice.Its power (challenging/persuade/inspire)
    • Its ability to be remembered
    • To resonate
    • Its distinguishing style
    • emotional (passion/compassion/frustrations) power and connection to audience


  • Initial topic sentence: must explore voice in text (use any phrase from above or compose a new one)
  • Discuss speech and purpose/situational circumstances
  • If you include background of speaker, link it to the Ethos created by their presence – what they stand for (ethical and moral character/standing)
  • Stem argument/discussion from the voice, purpose, and what it has achieved
  • Link techniques to how powerful it was in achieving its goal.

ALWAYS LINKING BACK TO RUBRIC – power of language in creating a distinctive voice.

Contribute to this page. Maybe you have an introduction to share, or a thesis idea? Add some great quotes you may have found. Use the comment box.

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