Yr 12 Revision

MODULE A: Experience Through Language

Distinctive Voices


  1. Class discussion – deconstructing the questions
  2. Individual written introduction answering the question (10min)

2009 HSC Question:

Every voice is different and every voice reveals to us a particular view of the world.

How true is this statement?

In your response refer closely to your prescribed text and at least ONE other text of your own choosing

STEP 1: Deconstructing the question

  • Distinctive Voice – one purpose/one view (MLK African American Perspective)
  • Different motives/purpose behind each voice – individual mould their views into words to express and persuade
  • The very nature of ‘distinctive’ defines itself as being distinguishable
  • There is always an opposing view

How true is this statement?

  • How do we answer this?


  • This is true
  • This is very true


  • The truth of this statement lies in ….
  • A statement such as this is hard to contradict due to the very nature of what is distinct….
  • It lends itself to expressing a truth ….

TASK: 15minutes

Write an introduction that tackles this question


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